I am staying at a vacation rental / AirBnB location - can I rent a car from you?

Tropic car rental requires a location with a locked driveway. We do not accept reservations if the vehicle will be parked on or next to the road overnight.

Do you have a location at the cruise ship docks?

No, we don’t have a location at the cruise ship docks.

Do you offer one-day rentals?

We do not offer one-day rentals. Our minimum rental period is 3 days. We accept 3 day rental reservations up to 2 weeks prior to the pick-up date.

Can I pick-up and return at the airport?

YES, you may pick up your car at the airport anytime between 8:00 AM and midnight. In case your flight is delayed and you arrive after midnight, we will deliver the car to your resort in the morning. Call us at 297 583-7336 to schedule your delivery.

Car return is available at the airport from 6:00 AM.

Can I pick up the car at the airport and return it at my hotel?

Yes, at no extra charge.

NOTE: (Due to daylight savings)

  • November to March: Car returns at your hotel are latest at 11:00 AM (Aruba Time) regardless of what time you picked up the car at the airport.
  • March to November: Car returns at your hotel are latest at 10:00 AM (Aruba Time) regardless of what time you picked up the car at the airport.

Can I pick up the car at my hotel and return it at the airport?

Yes, at no extra charge. Please note; when we confirm your reservation we cannot give you a delivery time. We will contact you the day before to schedule delivery.

What is the minimum driver age?

25 is the minimum required age.

How does the insurance work?

Third party liability insurance is included our rate and covers the other party in the case of an accident and if you are at fault.

Collision damage; most credit cards offer a car rental insurance program. If you are not sure, double check with your credit card provider. It is also advisable to verify if you are covered for the whole rental period since some credit card providers only cover 15 days.

Your car insurance; NOTE: Most car insurances don’t cover rental cars outside the country, verify with your car insurance.

We also offer CDW insurance which is $10 per day with a $500 deductible.

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards.

We do not accept debit-cards.

How much do you block on the credit card?

At the beginning of the rental we request authorization for only the rental amount. We do not block additional funds. When you return the car you may pay us either in cash or credit. We do not accept debit-cards.

Do you offer car/booster seats?

Yes. Car/Booster seats are free of charge. Let us know how many you need and we will supply it with the car.

How do you handle damage?

Please contact us before you leave Aruba, even if it’s light damage, we will advise you on the procedures.

In case you have insurance through your credit card we will ask you to submit a claim with your insurance provider as soon as you are back home. They will pay us for the damages after we send them the requested documents and photos. We never will charge you for the damages, only for the rental.

In case you bought our CDW-insurance you will be held responsible for the damage for a maximum of $500. If the damage is $300 you pay us $300. If it’s $1000 you pay us $500.